Mostostal Siedlce uses the following technologies in the production of steel structures:

cięcie termiczne
  • Blast cleaning of materials and articles in chamber and pass-through cleaners
  • Thermal cutting of metal sheets with laser, oxygen and plasma
  • Thermal cutting of shapes in metallurgical profiles using industrial robots
  • Mechanical cutting of profiles using band and circular saws
  • Mechanical cutting of metal sheets and profiles using guillotines
  • Drilling the holes in profiles and metal sheets
  • Cutting the holes in the profiles, metal sheets and strips
  • Bending and straightening on hydraulic vertical bending brakes and horizontal brakes so called boxers
  • Straightening the metal sheets (to 32 mm)
  • Processing on the mechanical brakes
  • Processing of metal sheet and profile edges using endless grinding bands, which provide a very thorough preparation of edge for future seams
  • Machining the objects on a large, modern, horizontal machining centre: table displacement X-13000, Y-4000,-1700, table load up to 20 tonnes
  • Manufacture of platform grates welded on automated production lines (EVG I – around 1000 tonnes per month, EVG II – around 1300 tonnes per month, EVG III – around 1300 tonnes per month, EVG IV – around 1500 tonnes per month) and pressed – shape according to customer order
  • Manual, mechanized, semi-automatic and automatic welding using the following methods: MAG (135), MAG (136), SAW (121), ASW (783), E (111), including welding methods 121 and 135 (136) concerning plate girders using high performance automated production lines; materials processed by welding are steels from S235 to S690 of grades: +AR, +N, +M, N, NL, M, ML, Q, QL acc. to EN 10025.
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