Anti-corrosion protection in duplex system consists in applying special paint coating on hot galvanized coating, representing an additional protection against corrosion and allows for obtaining the assumed colour effects. The pain coating protects zinc against oxidization and extends its life.

Malowanie system duplex

Basic features of the duplex system:

  • mutual supplementation of two types of coating: zinc coating prevents under-coating corrosion in case of painting coating gets damaged, and the paint coating protects zinc against adverse impact of atmospheric or chemical factors.
  • enhanced aesthetic values of the structure obtained because of the option to select proper colour of the protective coating; duplex system enables applying all RAL colours as well as different, special colour or shade;
  • reduction of maintenance costs within the object life by significant extension of corrosion resistance. In an inert environment, life of zinc coating is 30 – 50 years and the duplex system extends it up to even 100 years.

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