The basic product we offer is platform gratings type MOSTOSTAL. They are produces in accordance with DIN 24537.

Our platform gratings are characterised by:
  • ability to carry heavy loads with low deadweight
  • high durability
  • ease of installation
  • many qualities of practical and aesthetically nature
In view of the abovementioned properties of the gratings, range of their applications is very wide. The most common are:
  • platforms in industrial plants
  • platforms of overhead travelling cranes and crane tracks
  • communication routes at pipelines and tanks
  • walkways on pedestrians platforms

Premium quality of production and unique appearance make our gratings an interesting decoration element within architecture, ideal for the construction of the scenery of cultural events (indoor and outdoor), facade of buildings and suspended ceilings etc.

We offer you gratings produced using two technologies: welding and pressing. The use of computerised production lines makes that the technical parameters of gratings are of the highest standard. Both types of production are in accordance with the European standards.

It is worth to mention that except the difference in the technology, method of production of our gratings distinguishes them with the optics of appearance.

We offer your grate of SERRATED type. Special shape of the gratings makes that they can be characterized by higher coefficient of friction. gratings such as this are used where as a result of the presence of ice, snow or lubricants, it is required to provide specific protection.

In addition to our offer, we present you mounting and securing brackets to various types of platform gratings. Elements proposed by use are designed bearing in mind proper and safe installation of platform gratings at the place of destination.

An important part deciding about the quality of all our products is the anti-corrosion protection applied using hot galvanizing according to EN ISO 1461 (DIN 50976), painting or power painting in a range of colours.

Moreover, we offer three types of special gratings to our customers. Heavy gratings for heavy loads, cardboard gratings transferring load of variable directions and shutter type gratings acting as a sun visor.

We produce gratings with other design solutions, after delivery of design documentation by the designer.

We offer high quality of our products, short delivery times and attractive prices.